Weebly Ecommerce Review

Weebly Ecommerce tool is a friendly, sturdy and reliable website builder. When you are looking to create a free ecommerce website or business website that you will use as a platform to profit & share your interest or hobbies with the rest of the world, Weebly website builder is a platform that will help you accomplish your goals even if you have very little technological know-how.

To those that are using this ecommerce software for the first time, you will be glad to know that Weebly site builder is a drag and drop website builder and all you will be doing is dragging site building blocks i.e. paragraphs and images into your screen as you create a best weebly e commerce sites.

Following are the main benefits which come with Weebly ecommerce website builder. Read our Weebly ecommerce review to know more about this platform.

Ease of use

Weebly ecommerce builder is by far the easiest, friendly drag and drop website builder there is in the market today. As a user, you will not be bombarded with many complex tools. The tools you will be using are tools that are necessary to create a functioning website or an online store.

Weebly ecommerce review

Weebly’s interface is very interactive, easy to use and is magnificent for all users in all levels (Beginner, intermediate, Expert). With this ecommerce platform, users are able to build a functioning website in less than an hour.

Weebly ecommerce pricing

Weebly ecommerce pricing plansWeebly’s free platform gives the users enough tools to start an online store easily as it’s a free platform to many users. Again, the platform scores big as user are not forced to pay anything if they chose the free package. No pressure to upgrade, users only upgrade when they feel the need to.

Among the three plans Weebly business plan is the most suitable for building ecommerce stores which comes with all the features along with fully integrated shopping cart and free secured SSL certificate for your domain(cost $69 per year). One good thing about Weebly business plan is there is no transaction fee charged in this plan so you can save a whole lot of money in each transaction day in & day out.

When it comes to signing up for Weebly site builder, there is no need of sharing your credit card information to sign up for a free account and you will not be given any time limit on the free account. Users are granted tenure (Ability to use the account forever if they so wish).

Weebly ecommerce themes

Weebly’s broad-range of ecommerce website templates makes it possible for users to create professional looking best ecommerce sites. Users are granted access to all templates even if they are using a free account and they keep adding more ecommerce website designs frequently. Recently they have added three new responsive themes called Saucy, Unite & Redux in to there theme library.

Weebly ecommerce theme

Weebly users are granted access to Weebly’s HTML/CSS editor so that they are able to modify their website’s design as they so wish or if they are not able they can hire someone else to do it in their stead. In short, Weebly ecommerce is quite a flexible platform to use.

What Do Users Say About Weebly Ecommerce?

Feedback coming from Weebly users is satisfaction. Users say that with the ease of use of the platform, they are able to build ecommerce stores online with Weebly. Thanks to its comprehensive building tools, ecommerce hosting  and also for the fact that it’s extremely affordable ecommerce software. It’s practically free for a majority of people.

Latest statistics show Weebly powering over 25 million websites which means that over 2% of websites online today were created with the courtesy of Weebly. There are more than 88,000 active ecommerce stores hosted with the Weebly ecommerce platform which is 2nd. largest in numbers. You can see how impressive this is given the number of websites running online today!

Weebly’s Customer Support

Given the positive user feedback and experiences, many users attest to the fact that Weebly’s support team is quite responsive and a support system that responds back to all emails sent to them. The support team is small but dedicated to serve the rather many users. They also use social media pages to answer back any queries sent their way.


According to people that have had the privilege of using this website builder and others, they always give feedback that by far Weebly is the free website builder there is in the market. One of the things that makes it a hit with this website builders is the fact that it is user-friendly and requires very little thinking. You don’t need to be a coder to use this tool.

Hence concluding our Weebly ecommerce review we found it as a easy & affordable ecommerce store builder. If you are creating an comparatively smaller online store, we highly recommend Weebly ecommerce builder which is the right choice for you. For more professional ecommerce sites we also recommend to consider Shopify or Bigcommerce which are specialised website builders for building various business and ecommerce websites.

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